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Sunday, July 17, 2011

I cant stop thinking !

hey my mind, please stop thinking what the hell are you thinking of !.

wth man !. why am
i thinking this way. please go bad thinking. please go negative thinking.
please dont make a my life going into the messy while its already be messy.
just go from me. I dont want u to be around me anymore. please.
please my friend, do not make me think negative bout u. damn !. i dont know why i always feel like this. feel
like someone always want to be bad with me. why?!. am i too bad in this world?. am i?.
i just dont get it. i swear.. if i get the new job. i will go just like that
without tell anybody. and u never know where my new job.
but now brain, please dont think any bad things. pleasepleaseplease!!.

just go.
i'm just not the mood.

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